Monthly Recap November 2019

November was not the greatest of months for my reading, but was a positive movement from October.  I set a goal for 1200 issues read this year, and fell very far behind. My goal was to hit 150 issues this month and I got to 78 issues read.  As a recovery month from October there could have been much more read, but sometime life gets in the way of reading goals.

Top Five Comics of November:

  • Blackest Nights – written by Geoff Johns art by Ivin Reis and Published by DC Comics.  The Black Lanterns are coming to earth and bringing all the dead heroes and villains back to life.  This is a team book bringing a lot of characters out in the DC universe working alongside the multiple Lantern corps.  One of the best parts of this book was seeing all the different DC Characters. This was another book I read for a group read and was good because I normally don’t read too many Green Lantern books.  Glad to finally get this one read.
  • The Walking Dead: The Alien – Written by Brian K Vaugh, Art by Marcos Martin and Published by Image Comics.  Since the end of The Walking Dead, I’ve been missing this book. Local Comic Shop Day released this and I was more than excited to buy it and read it.  This book is a side story that takes place in The Walking Dead Universe, but doesn’t deal with the main characters. This deals with two people trying to leave Spain and make it to the USA.  For anyone who read The Walking Dead, this is a must read as an addition.
  • Hawkeye Volume 1 – written by Matt Fraction art by David Aja and Published by Marvel Comics.  Storyline is amazing and a good start to what is a fantastic run. The art is one of a kind and really helps put the story together.  This covers over Clint Barton as he is coming back into being Hawkeye and his relationship with his ward Kate Bishop. If you want to learn a little bit more, I already wrote a review on the full run, so feel free to check it out here.
  • Batman: Court of Owls – Written by Scott Snyder, Art by Greg Capullo and Published by DC Comics. This was my second time reading the start of the Snyder and Capullo run on Batman and it does not disappoint.  Dealing with an underground society known as the Court of Owls, it was a new villain group and a very fresh start for the team of Snyder and Capullo.  I assume with the decade coming to an end, this will make a lot of lists of top comics for the decade.  
  • Batman Annual #4 – Written by Tom King, Art by Jorge Fornes and Mike Norton and Published by DC Comics.  While I’m part of the camp that really enjoyed King’s run on Batman books like this can show how he excels at some of these one shot books.  A small tale taken from the perspective of Alfred, which could be one of the best single issues of the year. Hopefully when he’s off Batman he comes back and does a few of these little one shots on plenty of other DC Characters.

As I mentioned on Blackest Night i read because of a reading club.  If you are interested it’s on Facebook and available here. January I will be running the discussion on Marvel Comic’s book Marvels.

While I was short of my goal again, its still nice to keep going and read more books.  What books above did you read? What do you think I missed? If you haven’t already add my facebook page to find more updates on what I’m reading and reviews.

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