Hawkeye is written by Matt Fraction, Art by David Aja (volume 1,2,4) and Annie Wu (Volume 3) and published by Marvel comics.  This is the first time I have read a Hawkeye book and this review will cover all of the Matt Fraction run (Volume 1-4).

I know what most people are saying, 22 issues of Hawkeye, why?  But let me tell you what, Matt Fraction takes Hawkeye and makes something unbelievably great.  While Hawkyeye is a superhero, this book is more of what happens outside of being a superhero. Over the first two volumes, you get to meet Clint Bartons (for those who don’t know this is Hawkeye) and his relationship with his protegee Kate Bishop (She is also Hawkeye, as she takes over the name while Clint is Ronin), Clint’s relationship with his neighbors, and him dealing with the local mobsters who love using the word bro.   The final issue is a story in the mind of Clint’s adopted dog arrow, which is debatably the best issue covering arrows perspective. I have not read a lot of Fraction’s work, but that issue helped solidify how good this guy is.

Volume three doesn’t have the issues going in a normal order and separated the issues which include Hawkeye Annual 1, Hawkeye 14, 16, 18, and 20.  While this can be hard for someone who has OCD this is a book that is all Kate Bishop moving to L.A. and becomes a superhero for hire, or a private detective.  It shows the struggle Kate is having with her father, and just making it on her own.  

Volume 4 Includes issue #17, #12-13, #15, #19 and #21-22 and deals brings Clint’s brother Barney back into the picture to help him during Kate’s departure.  Issue 17 is another book with Steve the dog, and is another great dog based issue. I was laughing when they made the dog versions of the mobsters which were saying “Dog” in place of “Bro”  This volume does a great job bringing the book to an end, however it’s still sad to see it end.

The artwork in the book is fantastic.  It has a few different artists, however David Aja does most of it.  This is the second book to my knowledge with David Aja’s artwork (First being the Seed), and it was fantastic.  His style may not be as crisp and sharp as some of the other artists, but it’s very different and refreshing to see in a book like this.  The art is fantastic and really helps with the style of a book like this.  

SHOULD I READ THIS: The answer to this question is Yes.  If you don’t like superheroes, it still doesn’t matter as this is only loosely a superhero book.  If you don’t enjoy light-hearted fun reads, maybe just maybe this book isn’t for you, but even then I would suggest it in hopes to change your mind.

Ratings: 5/5 – This is an almost perfect book.  The only issue I had with this was that there wasn’t more.
Dates Read: 11/29 – 12/9
Platform Read On:  Hoopla app on Kindle checked out from my local library.  

Have you read Hawkeye? How’d you like it? Any other books similar to this you’d recommend? As always check out my Facebook and give it a like.

As for another recommendation, I’d high suggest listening to the Podcast the Darknet Dairies. As someone in IT and a fan of true crime, it’s cool to have a podcast explain some of the breaches that are happening in the world, and while it does go into some of the technical stuff, it’s not all technical.

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