Monthly Recap October 2019

As I mentioned in my August Recap, I’ve been working on getting back into writing in my blog and wanted to bring recaps of the stuff I read over the last few months.

October was a pretty bad month for me on reading, with my birthday, my anniversary and a bachelor party, I didn’t have nearly the free time to read.  I set a goal for 1200 issues read this year, and fell very far behind. My goal was to hit 150 issues this month and I got to 45 issues read. This was one of my lower months, but as I’ve come to realize lately sometimes life just gets in the way.

Top Five Comics of October:

  • Grass Kings Volume 1.  Written by Matt Kindts, Art by Tyler Jenkins and published by Boom Studios!.  My Sister in law got me volume two as a birthday present so I had to grab volume one for a reread.  This is a great story about a small kingdom that lives within their own rules. The book starts with the police officer in the main town’s wife goes missing, but as they search for her it brings the main story of Robert’s missing daughter from years ago.  This book deals mostly with the war between the town and the Kingdom and and builds at something special. If you haven’t read Matt Kindts work this is a pretty good book to start with. The Art is fantastic, and Matt Kindt is one of my favorite authors out there.
  • Wytches – Written by Scott Snyder, Art by Jock, and Published by Image comics. Chit, Chit, Chit. As part of one of my reading groups I’m in we decided to read a few scary books during the month of October and this was one of them.  Wytches is six issues and it follows the Rook family with their move to New Hampshire, to help with some of the issues they have. Dealing with a mother who is paralyzed, a father who is a recovering alcoholic and a daughter who is dealing with one of the most traumatic events of her life and being accused of murdering an old classmate.  This book is perfectly creepy and a great read over the month of October, it has twists and turns, and even as my second read there were some things I completely forgot about, or even missed on the first read.
  • Afterlife with Archie Volume 1  – Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Art by Francesco Francavilla and published by Archie Comics. This was the second book we had in our reading group for halloween.  This book is fun. It takes your classic Archie Characters, and adds in some Zombies, whats not to love? While this is light hearted, there were some sports that are likely to bring some people to tears.  Another perfect book for the Halloween season, and if you are a fan of Archie its fun to see who survives and who becomes a zombie.
  • Rick and Morty vs Dungeon and Dragons Chapter 2 Painscape #1 – Written by Jim Zub, Art by Troy Little and Published by IDW and Oni Press.  It’s no secret I am a huge fan of D&D (i even reviewed the starter set at one point), but am not huge into Rick and Morty, but this book is great.  It’s extremely funny, and I really enjoyed the first book and figured that was it. However it must of done fairly well as we have a second chapter adding in more of the weirdness from Rick and Morty Universe with a DnD spin.  The base of this book is revenge of all of Ricks forgotten unplayed characters. While this was one issue, it’s easy to tell this will be just as fun and a lot more out of control than the first chapter. 
  • Ice Cream Man Volume One – Written by Maxwell Prince, Art by Martin Morazzo and Published by Image Comics.  If you couldn’t tell by the rest of the books selected I read a lot of horror based comics in the month of October for a previously mentioned book club.  Ice Cream Man is an anthology book which has four issues in it and each issue tells its own creepy story. From a boy who loves spiders, to an addict love story, to a one hit wonder reliving getting to write that song again, all these issues are creepy, with  the only consistency is the Ice Cream man himself. I’ve been reading this book from issue one, and re reading these first four issues made me forget how good the original issues were.

As I mentioned above three of these books were read because of a reading club.  If you are interested it’s on Facebook and available here.

As for the Month of October while it was short, it had plenty of good and creepy books to read.  Have you read any of these? What are your favorite horror books? If you haven’t already add my facebook page to find more updates on what I’m reading and reviews.

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