The Dark Knight Returns the Golden Child Review

Writer: Frank Miller
Art: Rafael Grampa
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: John Workman and Deron Bennett
Publisher:DC Comics Black Label

The Dark Knight Returns The Golden Knight is the latest release by Frank Miller in the Dark Knight lines.  The main characters in this book are Cassandra (Batwoman), Lara Kent, Jonathan Kent (who weirdly resembles Golden Gale from Black Hammer), The Joker and Darkseid.  The main story of this book follows an election happening. Joker and Darkseid are working together to help get Donald Trump into office, while Batwoman and the Kent kids are trying to help the voters get out there.

Frank Miller’s work has been slowly going south for a while now.  While I haven’t read Superman Year One there has been a lot of bad press on it, and this kind of seems to be heading the same way.  He seems to always show social media and texting in all his new books and it just doesn’t quite fit. While I enjoyed the pointing of Donald Trump being a Joker lackey in this book, I’m really not even sure what was supposed to be done here.  Also the Jonathon Kent lines of calling Darkseid an old fart multiple times was the icing on the cake of bad.

But let’s point out the good in this book, and it’s Grampa’s art work.  Besides Jon looking like a weird emo version of Golden Gale, I love this kind of artwork.  Slightly gritty cartoony stuff, it’s hard to explain, but hopefully this book gives him some more full books in the Black Label line, with hopefully slightly better writing.

SHOULD I READ THIS:  No, the only reason I would tell you yes, is if you want to see some good artwork.  While I’m not against the idea of what this book was supposed to be, I don’t think this was delivered in the proper way. While there are worse books out there, there are also plenty of better books out there too.

Ratings: 2.5/5 
Dates Read: 12/16/2019
Platform Read On: Single Issue Floppy.

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