Monthly Recap September 2019

As I mentioned in my August Recap, I’ve been working on getting back into writing in my blog and wanted to bring recaps of the stuff I read over the last few months.

September was another okay month for me on reading.  I set a goal for 1200 issues read this year, and fell very far behind. My goal was to hit 150 issues this month and I got to 134.  While I did fall short of my goal, it was still better than the month of August.  

Top Five Comics of September:

  • Deadly Class – Written by Rick Remender, Art by Wesley Craig, and Published by Image.  WOW, I read issue 1-40 and the free comic book day issue in the month of September and all i can say is WOW! I am not sure why I was sleeping on this book, but glad I finally jumped in. After watching the show on Sci FY, and hearing of the cancelation, I had to check to see if my Library had it to keep going, and am glad they had them all. This is a book that takes place in a high school for assassins in the 80s.  While Marcus is the main character in this story it covers a lot of different perspectives and characters which is what really helps build this book. I think this is one of those books that is special, and highly recommend it to anyone who likes comics, or enjoyed the TV show.
  • Alias – Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Art by Michael Gaydos and Published by Marvel.  I love crime and detective books. Alias is that, while it deals with and in a superhero universe this is a Private Eye book.  I read the whole collection and with just 28 issues, I wish there was more. I know Bendis comes back later on, but the book changes from what this is.  For those who do not know about this book, Alias is about Jessica Jones a loosely retired superhero who is now a private eye. While this takes place in the marvel universe and has superheroes in it, this is not a superhero book.
  • A.D. After Death – Written by Scott Snyder, Art by Jeff Lemire, Published by Image.  This book takes comics and mixes it with prose, which is fairly different from what I am used to. It showcases on a concept of what would happen if death was no longer a thing. This was my second read through this book and while Synder wrote a very good and heartfelt story here, I think the best part of this is Lemire’s art.  The prose helps shine on small set scenes to set the pace, but the comic itself is beautiful.
  • Black Hammer and the Age of Doom #12 – Written by Jeff Lemire, Art by Dean Ormston, and Published by Dark Horse.  Black Hammer was one of my first reviews on this site and from that day, I’ve loved all the additions to this universe.  While this leaves you in a weird spot knowing what will happen in the future of the Black Hammer world, It’s worth a mention for the month, as really everyone into superheroes should check this book out.
  • Daredevil Born Again  – Written by Frank Miller, Art by David Mazzucchelli, and Published by Marvel Comics.  This was another classic I read with my friend Steve as we read books together and talk about them.  I have not read much Daredevil and this was a good book for it. It deals with the rise and fall of the Daredevil as he is going through some of his darkest hours. This book was written in Frank Millers prime, and a classic must read Daredevil story.

Have you read any of these books? How’d you feel about em? If you aren’t following my facebook page make sure you check it out. The next few weeks I’ll be catching up on my favorites from the last few months, and hopefully posting extra reviews.

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