Monthly Recap August 2019

It’s been a while, between going to school, spending time with my family and a busy last few month at work I am back. I’ve been using a new app called Habitica as a way to organize my life and it made me realize I have been away from my blog for a while. This app turns doing everyday chores and activities into RPG style quests which give you awards. If you are looking for a fun way to keep yourself motivated I recommend this.

August was an okay month for me on reading.  I set a goal for 1200 issues read this year, and fell very far behind,  My goal was to hit 150 issues this month and I got to 101. While I did fall short of my goal, I got a good amount of issues in still.

Top Five Books of the Month:

  • The Long Halloween – Written by Jeff Loeb, Art by Tim Sale, published by DC Comics. This is one of the biggest batman stories and the final book read in the Summer of Classic Comics.  I read the Noir version which is black and white, and I would recommend reading this in color as when comparing pictures with a friend I feel a bit was missing.  Adding in a new villain of the Holiday Killer, this brings in Batman the detective at his finest.
  • Stumptown Vol 1 and 2 – Written by Greg Ruka, Art by Matthew Southworth, and Published by Oni Press.  In preparation for the upcoming TV show I decided to read the first two volumes of this book.  This is a private eye book about a down on her luck girl named Dex Parios, both stories are their own case.  These are fun, and if you are into detective/private eye style books I can’t recommend these enough. If you are currently watching the show it is fairly similar to that.
  • Paper Girls 30 – Written by Brian K. Vaughan, Art by Cliff Chiang, and Published by Image Comics.   Paper Girls final issue. This was a fun ride of fun characters time traveling both forward and backwards in time. If you haven’t checked out Paper Girls, it’s worth it enough just for the art alone.
  • Powers/House of X –  Written by Jonathon Hickman and Art by Pepe Larraz. Over this month I read Powers of X 1 and 2 and House of X 2. This book has made me really enjoy X Men again. The art is great and Hickman is writing something special. I would say the biggest issue I have with this book is that weekly books make it hard to keep up with sometimes.
  • Dead End Kids #1 and #2 – Written by Frank Gogol, Art by Nenad Cviticanin and Published by Source Point Press. This is a book I had waited a while to read and I was not disappointed. This book follows a group of friends in the 90’s looking to find who killed their friend.

Have you read any of these books? How’d you feel about em? If you aren’t following my facebook page make sure you check it out. The next few weeks I’ll be catching up on my favorites from the last few months, and hopefully posting extra reviews.

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