Monthly Recap July 2019

I’m posting this a bit late, but still wanted to get it out there. This is my recap for the month of July.

July was a good month for me on reading.  I set a goal for 1200 issues read this year, and fell very far behind.  My goal was to hit 150 issues this month and I got to 159.  Nine more issues in a fairly busy month for me was pretty good!

Top 5 books of the Month:

  • The Boys Vol 3-5: I read volume 1 and 2 in April and May, and really enjoyed it but figured I’d wait to keep reading.  After binge-watching the TV and seeing the humble bundle had a deal on the rest of the book I threw them on my newly purchased Amazon Fire 10 HD, and went to town.  Its funny how part of the show didn’t really come along until Volume 3 of the book, but I’m still excited to see how this comes out. Great book, definitely not for everyone, but a very cool look at superheroes you don’t normally see.
  • The Prince and the Dressmaker: This book is the exact opposite of The Boys, but it is a refreshing and easy read.  I got this for my wife as a birthday present as a way to share one of my hobbies with her, and decided to give it a read after she read it. This is a YA book, but still covers a very good story, and this book should be a recommendation for anyone, not just comic book readers.
  • Black Bolt Volume 1: Never did I think a solo book about Black Bolt would be an extremely good read, but Black Bolt volume 1 proved me wrong.  Following him through prison and linking up with some of the other prisoners was cool to see. I really enjoyed seeing Absorbing Man and it was cool how they mentioned his play in Secret Wars (which is another book I read this month).   While I normally read modern DC comics I loved how different the art was in this book. 
  • Batman Issue 74-75;  74 was a great issue dealing with his father and a story from Bruce’s childhood which goes back to the issues with the KGBeast (or the Beast as they call him now), and it was cool to get a throwback.  75 was filled with villains, and exciting kick off to the Bane story that is going to end Tom King’s run of Batman, and also break my heart.
  • The Walking Dead #193: When I got back into comics a few years ago, one of the first things I read was the Walking Dead Compendiums, and since then it’s been the most borrowed out book in my collection as a lot of my family enjoys the TV show.  The ending of this book was not only a huge surprise for me, but it was actually a pretty good finish to the story. While I personally wish it would of included Negan, I’m hoping for a spin off on what happens with Negan, as the only thing I thought it lacked was a send off to him. With the final letter including “Negan Lives” I think we might see one.

What were your favorite books you read from the month of July?  Anything you think I should be reading? Let me know!

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