Pull List 8.14.2019

Another week, and another pull list.  Lets see what I grabbed and which books I’m most excited to read.


  • Batman: Detective Comics #1009
  • Catwomen #14
  • The Flash #76
  • Justice League Odyssey #12


  • Gideon Falls #16
  • Oblivion Song #18
  • The White Trees #1


  • Conan The Barbarian Exodus #1
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #10
  • Powers Of X #2

Ahoy Comics:

  • Second Coming #2

Dark Horse:

  • Black Hammer and the Justice League #2

Top 3:

  • Black Hammer and the Justice League #2 – Black Hammer has been one of my favorite stories, and I’ve been loving this crossover so far.  The first issue was mostly just a backstory for the people who haven’t read Black Hammer but I’m excited to see how this second one takes the story to the next level.
  • Catwoman #14 – I’m hoping this story will come into the Bat and Cat book that comes out next year, so I’ve been keeping a close eye on this.  While it’s not Joelle Jones writing this issue I think the story has been still pretty fluent.
  • The White Trees #1 – This was one of those books I don’t think I asked for but was in my pull box.  I saw Chip Zdarsky name and figured give it a try. After looking at the back I noticed it was only a two book run so figured might as well add it to the pull list.

Those are my books for this week.  What did you get? What were you most excited to read?  If you aren’t following my facebook page make sure you check it out. Lately I’ve been posting  yearly/monthly issue milestones and some updates on some of the classic books I’ve been reading. 

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