Clue: Candlestick #1

Clue Candlestick #1

Written/Art/Cover by Dash Shaw

Published by IDW

One of my favorite things about comics is finding a book that seems like something you might be interested in and giving it a read.  In doing this you find some books that are not for you, but you also find things that are right up your ally.    About two years ago I had that with Clue, it was a stand alone story that was very fun, similar to the 80’s movie, but a little bit different from the game itself.  I added it to my pulls and when it was done, I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it didn’t leave a hole in my heart that I had to find a replacement for.

Jump head to last week Wednesday, I’m in line for my pull list and I see Clue:Candlestick #1, and as I eye it the owner tells me “You had the old book on your pull list so I added the new series to your pulls too, feel free to put it back if you don’t want it.”  Being the fan I am of new stories and enjoying the last book I kept it and added it to my first reads of the week pile.

The first thing you will notice about this book is the art is very different from the last book and most books out currently, at least the ones I am reading. While I enjoy the abstract more cartoon like look for this type of book, I could understand how it may not be for everyone. After reading a few pages I started to notice that this book was something much different than the last book, it feels more like playing the game than watching the movie. As you read you even notice things from the game like the weapons being told, the characters have the names of the playable characters in the game, but also it even shows the original game pieces as a place to hide things for each of the “players.”

Now on to the main questions: How good is this book? Should you pick it up?

Clue Candlestick #1 is a 3.75/5. This is a great book to add to the clue universe. For fans of mysteries, the 80’s movie or the game itself I think this is a must have.

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