Pull List 4/24/2019

Well everyone, its been a while since I’ve updated the site. I’ve been going back to school, have a baby and also trying to get like normalized, but I’ve missed the itch to talk about comics.

DC Comics:

  • Batman Detective Comics #1002
  • The Flash #69
  • Heroes in Crisis #8
  • Justice League Dark #10
  • The Terrifics #15


  • Image Comics: Ascenders #1
  • Image Comics: Criminal #4
  • IDW: Dick Tracy Forever #1
  • Dark Horse: Fight Club 3 # 4
  • Archie Comics: Jughead the Hunger vs Vampironica #1
  • Archie Comics: Riverdale Season 2 #2
  • Marvel Comics: Thanos #1

Top 3 most excited to read books:

  • Heroes in Crisis #8 – Tom King is my guy when it comes to writing super hero books and I’m excited to keep going on this story. It has been nothing short of great.
  • Dick Tracey Forever #1 – I do love a good crime book and I think this will be just enough fun to also like. I really enjoyed when IDW did Clue and I am hoping this turns out very similar.
  • Fight Club 3 #4 – This has been a pretty odd ball story like the 2nd one was, but I’m really enjoying the story they have been giving us. Excited to see how this goes.

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