Cole’s Pull List for 1/30/19

Even with the weather the way it is, my comic book shop The Comic Signal was still open so I got my books as needed to give me something to read tonight.


  • Detective Comics #997
  • The Flash Annual #2
  • The Flash #63
  • Heroes in Crisis #5
  • Justice League Annual #1
  • Justice League Odyssey #5
  • The Terrifics #12

Dark Horse:

  • Fight Club 3 #1
  • The Quantum Age #6


  • Ice Cream Man #9
  • Redlands #10


  • Conan The Barbarian #2
  • Journey into Unknown Worlds #1

IDW/Oni Press:

  • Rick and Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons #4

Bonus kickstarter books from Kechal Comics:

  • Tart Hardcover Vol. #1 (with issues 1-3)
  • Tart #4 -7 with two copies of #7

More books than normal, so doing a top 5 this week:

  • Heroes in Crisis #5 – This book is always the top book for me. I’ve been loving it and can’t wait to see what Booster/Blue Beetle and Harley/Batgirl are up to in this issue.
  • The Quantum Age #6 – Last issue had a great cliff hanger and I’m excited to see how this goes.
  • Tart #7 – I read 1-6 last night after getting these and would of read 7 too, but needed to get some sleep.
  • Journey to the Unknown World #1 – I’ve been sleeping on Marvel, but they have been putting out some pretty good new books, so excited to see what this one will bring.
  • Rick and Morty vs Dungeons and Dragons #4 – This has been a fun book. I’ve mentioned it before but I am not a fan of Rick and Morty and only got this for the D&D, but the story is making me consider watching the show.

This was a pretty good week for comics, and I’m really excited to get to reading. What did you get? Hit me up on Facebook or let me know in the comments!

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