Cosmic Garden Samsara

As I’ve mentioned a few times already my big goals of 2019 are to catch up on the runs that I’ve let pile up, and to read new stuff from indie creators and publishers.  Cosmic Garden Samsara is a project created by Nathan E Green and can be found in plenty of places from facebook, Green’s website , and Amazon. Green is currently working on animation for his YouTube channel and is in the works on a script for a space opera graphic novel.  While there has been talks about making a second Cosmic Garden story, Green is still looking for more traction on the first one.


The story of Cosmic Garden Samsara is about a plant finding itself as it starts to grow.  While reading this book the visuals guide you through the life as the plant blossoms and contemplates life, death and that which comes between those two.   While the story itself is a simple story of a plant, it also brings in elements from psychology and sci-fi, bringing more layers to the story itself.  While the use of dialog and thoughts are present in this story, its not the main story telling aspect of this book, but still a great story is given.    Going from panel to panel looking at the visuals adds new layers that you might

have missed the first time around.


The art in Cosmic Garden Samsara really drive the story.  This book is different from most other books I’ve ever read as the art is what drives it.   The use of sharpie and attention to detail in the art brings a new type of story telling that is different from the normal of most modern comics, telling a refreshing and interesting new story.  Greens passion for art shows and you can really tell this is a work of love.  I’m glad I was able to include pictures from the book itself as the words I use to describe some of this does not bring to life how good this art is.


The format of this book is available in both digital, and physical copy, I highly recommend grabbing the book.  In a Zine like format, each book are hand numbered and you are able to see the details that would probably be slightly missed in the digital version.

Overview: 4/5  – This books art is the driving force to make something fresh, new and unique take on comics.

Any recommendation for more visual first books?  Any indie creators you think I should work with? Hit me up on Facebook or let me know in the comments!

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