Titans Catch Up

In part of my 2019 goals, I’ve wanted to catch up on back issues, and work with indie publishers/creators and update my blog on the progress I make.

Over the weekend of 1/11/2019 I caught up on the Titans books. I read issues 20-27 and annual #2 and the Titans: No Justice Special #1. Issues 20-22 with Annual #2 deals with the separation of the Titans (put on by the Justice League) and follows Roy Harper as the main character. No Justice Special and 23-27 deals with Nightwing’s process of setting up of the New Titans group is the first arc of the dealings of this team. While I still have a few more issues to catch up on I stopped here because issue 28 works into the Drowned Earth story for Justice league and Aquaman, which I also need to catch up on. This book is published by DC Comics and written by Dan Abnett , art by various.


  • I’ve mentioned this in the last two DC catch up reviews, for the Witching Hour and The Terrifics but I really enjoy seeing a team actually work as a team in a team book. Titan’s does just that. While the first arc is kind of a solo Roy Harper book, once the team gets together they are working together as a team. With the new team they are doing a good job utilizing people the best way they can, and when things change with characters or on different missions, they change the rolls to better utilize talent.
  • Abnett deals with the team change very well. I really liked the original team, but understand with the changes made in No Justice and Heroes in Crisis, there is no way to keep the old team together. While I was not invested at all in the team change, I really enjoyed the way it happened. I don’t know too much with the characters but the author did a good job of pulling me into enjoying them
  • Similar to the last point, Abnett does a great job rolling with the story lines he is given. He had to recreate a new team, deal with death of friends, and the end of the final book has to deal with what happens in Batman #55.


  • While the book doesn’t require you to read other books, it needs other books read to kind of make sense. Heroes and Crisis, and Batman/Nightwing deal with some of the story that has happened in here.
  • The main driving force of me picking up Titans was this was the book that had the most Wally West. With him no longer being part of the team it makes this book have a little less wiggle room for bad story.

Overall: 4/5 – Great team book, while I don’t know some of the new members, the writing and story has kept me in.

What is everyone else reading? Any book you’d like me to review?  Hit me up on Facebook or let me know in the comments!

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