Top 20 Comics 2018

I have read a lot of books the last year and figured I’d break down my top twenty books of the year. This started as a top ten until I realized I had too many books I wanted to talk about. Some of the stuff did not come out in 2018, however this is all the stuff I read in 2018.  Also I think the hard thing is that while I do read a lot of books there are probably a few things I missed or kind of forgot about.  In 2019 I’m planning on taking better notes of what I read to make this a lot easier.
Honorable Mention: Redlands, Ice Cream Man, Detective Comics, My Heroes have always been Junkies, DIE, Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons and Dragon

      1. img_3901-3.jpgMurder Most Mundane – Published by Mad Robot Comics -Writers: Ash Deadman and Matt Hardy – Art: Clark Bint – Colors: Edward Bentley – Letters: Rob Jones– This is a book I randomly got on kickstarter and was really glad about it. It’s a good mystery book and had a lot of things that weren’t very expected. I’m hoping to get more into some real indie books this year as there are still a ton of good books beyond the big publishers.
      2. 9781534308367_custom-5a4d08ad369f6c9ca868d989234a248cbd210aeb-s300-c85.jpgInfidelPublished by ImageWriter: Pornsak Pichetshote – Artist: Aaron Campbell – Colors: Jose Villarubia – Letters: Jeff Powell This was the October Book of the month at Vault of Midnight, and I picked it up as I saw the foreword by Jeff Lemire. I always like to read scary books, and while I actually didn’t read it during Halloween it’s still a perfect book for that time of year. To kind of sum up what Lemire wrote in the post text of this book, they take two things that are hard to do on a comic book with Political and Horror and do them both week to make a good book. After looking into this I found out it was Pichetshote’s first try at writing a comic which makes this even more impressive.
      3. BlogRoll_NoJustice_5af2405652c5d6.85065976.jpgJustice League: No Justice – Published by DC – Writers: Joshua Williamson, James T Tynion IV, Scott Snyder – Art: Francis Manapul, Riley Rossmo, Marcus To – I kind of died off early on the Justice League Rebirth, and was excited to see that they were starting over with a new event. This book had villains working with heroes, big plot and world building stuff. This is what you want in an event. While some of it may have not been some of the best writing out there, it was good place to start over with Justice League and add in the three new books which are all on my pulls.
      4. 51k870NjNwL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgEast of West Year One and Two– Published by Image -Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Nick Dragotta– One of my co workers kept telling me this is his favorite book, and I added the Year One hardcover to my birthday list and my wife got it for me. I wasn’t super pulled into the story, but with Hickman and some of the best art I’ve seen since Saga I had to get Year Two. That book I flew by as the story really turned around. This is a great world building book and I have to consider if I want to find the floppies, get trades or wait for the year 3 hardcover book to come out. If this was a current book it would be a lot higher on this list!
      5. FLS_54_300-001_HD_5b857c8786d483.70754535The Flash – Published by DC Writer: Joshua WilliamsonArt: Multiples – The Flash has been probably one of the most consistent comics in the last few years. With the Flash Wars, and Force Quest they have still been putting out some really quality runs, and adding some new things to the flash which are really nice to see. While in some of the issues the change between artist has shown, it’s starting to get a little better.
      6. dc_GalleryComics_1920x1080_20180613__DC-YA_milk_wars_5af5e989130651.79207088.jpgMilk Wars – Published by DC/Young AnimalsWriters: Steve Orlando, Gerard Way, Jody Houser, Cecil Castellucci, John Rivera – Artists: Frank Quitely, ACO, Sonny Liew, Ty Templeton, Mirka Andolfo, Langdon Foss, Dale Eaglesham – Doom Patrol reboot has been so good. The only reason it didn’t make the list is it only put out two issues non Milk Wars this year ,but Young Animals was a great start for Gerard Way taking over and I’m glad they spun in the DC characters into this world. This is the right kind of weird for me and I loved having the Batman issue on top of it.
      7. 3002037.jpgThe SeedPublished by Dark HorseWriter: Ann Nocenti – Artist:David Aja– This book has two issues out and had been really inconsistent on coming out, but the two issues have been great. An alien story that is just enough creepy and just enough weird that it really pulls me in. I’ve been trying to get more Dark Horse books to help fill my short box, and this was a nice refreshing surprise.
      8. middlewest-1_d2f0591a89.jpgMiddlewest – Published by Image – Writer: Skottie Young – Art: Jorge Corona– if this wasn’t only two issues this probably would be a lot higher. I have a lot of hopes for this book, and as I mentioned in my most recent pull list (link) I wish I didn’t sleep on this book. It’s a very good kid in adventure story dealing with abuse and has been set up to be a long ongoing story. I haven’t read much of Skottie Young but this makes me want to dig into it.
      9. 623625._SX360_QL80_TTD_.jpgThe Walking Dead – Published by Image – Writer: Robert Kirkman – Artist: Charlie Adlard – this book is one of the longest going books on my pulls and while I jumped on single issue around 150, I have still been loving this book. The newest story line is putting them in new territory with a new group of people, and I’m excited to see how it comes into 2019, and see which major characters start to get killed off.
      10. Doomsday-Clock-6.jpgDoomsday Clock – Published by DC Writer: Geoff John – Artist: Gary FrankI wasn’t a super fan of the watchmen, but I picked this book up as it seemed like it was going to be something that is a must read. While the first few issues kind of started off slow, I’ve enjoyed seeing this develop, and if it didn’t get pushed backed all the time would probably be a lot higher on the list. I’ve really enjoyed seeing some of the new characters, and is a modern spin on the Watchman style slow burn.
      11. gideon-falls-vol-1-the-black-barn-tp_f393bbcfdc.jpgGideon FallsPublished by DC – Writer: Jeff Lemire – Artists: Andrea Sorrentino, Dave Stewart Jeff Lemire writing character owned stuff will always be a must add to my pull list. I’m into how creepy and mysterious this book is. I sold it to a friend as a horror book after issue one however I’m still not even sure that’s what it is. This has already been signed to a TV deal so it should be getting more traction. I can’t wait to learn more about the black barn, and see where this book is off to in 2019.
      12. cove-of-heroes-in-crisis-2-illustrated-by-clay-mann-andtomeu-morey.jpegHeroes In Crisis – Published by DC – Writer: Tom King – Artists: Clay Mann– Tom King’s writing in the DC world is the books I want to read. This really has the ability to make one of the top books of 2019 depending on how it finishes, I think I even said it could be a “classic by completion” in my review on issue 1. Seeing the Trinity do the detective work and going back and forth in the sanctuary has been such a great ride, and I look forward to see what happens with Booster Gold and Harley Quinn in 2019.
      13. KOBK-20_image.pngKill or Be Killed – Published by Image – Writer: Ed Brubaker – Artist: Sean Phillips – I gave issue one a 5/5 and was happy to see a good ending to a fun ride. This really got me into this creative team, and has me looking forward to some of the other works they have put out together. I think Kill or be Killed is almost a must read for people into criminal or vigilante stories.
      14. 703542._SX270_QL80_TTD_.jpg Black Badge – Published by Boom! – Writer: Matt Kindt – Artist: Tyler Jenkins – after meeting him at C2E2 I made sure to add almost all of Matt Kindts book that come out to my pull this. This book is fun, sending kids into enemy lines to help fight wars in an underground fashion. The dude is not only one of the nicest creators you can meet, but puts out a some of the best books not many people are talking about. I’m excited to see how this keeps going
      15. batman-white-knight-1-of-7-var-ed.jpgBatman White Knight – Published by DC – Writer/Artist: Sean Murphy – Wow. Never did I think someone could write and do the art of a Batman story this good. With joker becoming good and trying to turn Gotham against Batman. I’m hoping for more of this “murphyverse” as I heard it called, and from the Batman panel at C2E2 he made it seem like this is a very good possibility.
      16. MMIR_Cv10.var_.jpg Mister Miracle – Published by DC – Writer: Tom King – Artist: Mitch Gerards – Tom King again makes the list. This book takes a superhero and makes them feel so real. As Mister Miracle tries to escape death and deal with the birth of his son, this is one of the best collaboration of the year. For fans of the Tom King’s The Vision you’ll love this book. As I mentioned in my review of issue one this book is something I think we will be talking about for years.
      17. black-hammer-age-of-doom-6-dalrymple.jpgBlack Hammer/Sherlock Frankenstein/Doctor Star/The Quantum Age/Cthu-Louise – Writer: Jeff Lemire – Artists: Multiples From issue one, I’ve loved this book. The add of Quantum Age, Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil, Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows, and Cthu-Louise Jeff Lemire is adding so much history to this, and I can’t wait to see how the years let this universe grow.
      18. s-l300.jpgBatman – Published by DC – Writer: Tom KingArtist: Multiple– Tom King has been killing it at Batman, it’s always one of the first books I read every week and it’s hard not to keep reading it. With Penguin, Mr. Freeze and the upcoming arc, I’m not looking forward to when someone else had to write this book.  He’s also taken batman from being happy during the wedding to where he is now, which is adding so much to an already storied hero.
      19. saga-54_fd872ee460.jpg Saga – Published by Image – Writer: Brian K Vaughan – Artist: Fiona Staples – The final issue brought tears to my eyes. I’m excited to see what happens next and I think that while the last few deaths were big this comic needed something to change it up a bit.  I think issue 54 may have been one of the best single issue comics of 2018.  I think even though it took a break towards the end of the year, that issue alone locked this up to be in the top books of the year.
      20. a1w5klsfihl Mind MGMTPublished by Dark Horse – Writer/Artist: Matt Kindt – I started reading volumes 1 and 2 and slowly would buy another volume as I finished.  It was one of those books I knew was going to be great, but I also didn’t want to read it because I knew it would have to end.  When my Daughter was born, I got all the books and spent the next two weeks finishing this.  As I’ve mentioned before I think Matt Kindt is one of the best writers out there and this book really showcases what he is.  

While I mentioned it before there are probably some books I missed, but this coming year I’m planning on doing a better job of keep track.  I also had zero Marvel books on my list so I am working on getting into a few more of those per recommendations.

With all the talk about tops of 2018, I think the number one is I finally got my first side kick Hazel:


What were your favorite books you read in 2018?  Anything you think I need to read this year? Hit me up on Facebook or let me know in the comments!

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