2019 Reading Goal

Every year I try and do a reading goal of some sort and this year I figured I’d catch up on some of the back issues of books I have and give them nice short hand reviews.  This will be an ever changing post as I add all the new books and when I read them.  I will include a grade, a one sentence TL:DR review and also links to the actual blog post for ones I go a little more in depth it.


  • So not quite this year, but I finished reading the Terrifics issues 3-10 on 12/23/18 and that is when I decided to start this so figured I’d add it to the list.  3.5 – This is a fun light hearted book that has some depth in story as it goes on.


  • Finished on 1/1/2019 I read the Witching Hour Parts 2-5. 3.5/5 – A good fun Justice League Dark story, but missing the teamwork I’d hope from a team centered book.
  • Finished 1/4/2019.  I read OutKast Comics issues 1-4. 2.75/5 – A lot of world building in a superhero-like world is happening and I think as Green grows this universe, this series is just going to get better.

What are your 2019 reading goals?  Anything you want me to read or catch up on this year?  Any book you’d like me to review?  Hit me up on Facebook or let me know in the comments!

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