Pull List 12/26/18

This week was pretty small and I actually had nothing in my pull list so I used to the time to pick up some back issues on stuff I wanted to check out but hadn’t yet.



  • Justice League Dark and Wonder Woman the Witching Hour #1 – Part 5 of the Witching Hour
  • Wonder Woman #57 – Part 4 of the Witching Hour
  • Teen Titan #20 – New Teen Titans Team
  • Superman #3-5 – Bendis’ run of super man, I had the first few issues I was grabbing and kind of forgot to keep getting them.



  • The Walking Dead Blind Bags #27, #48, #53, #108, and #167 – These were all the rest of them I needed to complete the set.
  • Middlewest #1 and 2 – So many people have been hyping this book I got the first issue on eBay as my LCS was sold out, and had the second sitting in my bin.

Well, it would be no fun to post just the blind bags, so lets show you what covers I got:

I started off pretty strong getting two black and whites for 27 and 48, and then the virgin cover for 53, but ending with the normal for 108 and 167.  I will admit that 108 may be my favorite of all the covers, and I think the only way I may like it a bit more is with the virgin, but I would prefer this over the black and white.

Most Excited to Read:

  • The Witching Hour – I was really excited to get this book and read the first issue.  I wanted to read the rest as a whole, so just needed to grab those final issues.  This will probably be my first thing read in 2019 for my 2019 reading goal of reading backed up issues together on the weekends.
  • Middlewest – This book as too much hype not to be excited to read.  I’m kind of bummed I passed up on it at the shop and had to spend a little bit more because of that.
  • Superman – Bendis’ run seems to be loved or hated.  I enjoyed Man of Steel and am excited to see how this transitions from that.

What is everyone else reading? Any book you’d like me to review?  Hit me up on Facebook or let me know in the comments!

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