12/19/18 Pull List


  • Vampironica #5 – Archie Comics
  • Black Badge #5 – Boom!
  • Batman #61 – DC Comics
  • Catwoman #6 – DC Comics
  • Justice League #14 – DC COmics
  • Gideon Falls #9 – Image
  • Champions Annual #1 – Marvel

Top 3 Reads of the Week

  • Black Badge #5 – Matt Kindt has started a really good book and I’ve been loving this.  Excited to see where it goes, but this may be one of my favorite books from 2018
  • Catwoman #6 – This has been a really good story.  I haven’t read much of Joelle Jones stuff but loved her work on Batman so I figured I’d check this book up.  Excited to see how this story keeps moving forward.
  • Gideon Falls #9 – This book as been just enough creepy, just enough thriller, and just enough of a mystery to stay good.  I’ve always been pretty high on Jeff Lemire, and like his other books this not proving that wrong.

What is everyone else reading? Any book you’d like me to review?  Hit me up on Facebook or here and let me know in the comments!

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