Pull List for 10/24/18


  • Batman Detective Comic #991 – DC
  • The Flash #57 – DC
  • Justice League Odyssey #2 – DC
  • Scooby-Doo Team-Up #43 featuring Doom Patrol – DC
  • The Terrific #9 – DC
  • Titans #28 – DC
  • Moon Knight #200 – Marvel
  • Babyteeth #13 – Aftershock
  • Vampironica #4 – Archie 
  • Rick and Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons 1 and 2 – IDW/Oni Press
  • DC Super Friends Super-Pets! – Golden Books

Top 3 Books:

  • Scooby-Doo Team-Up featuring Doom Patrol – I’ve always loved the Doom Patrol so I saw this book and had to grab it.  I assume it will be written more towards kids, but excite to read it.
  • Justice League Odyssey – I haven’t been a huge space fan when it comes to super heroes, but the first issue really grabbed me.
  • Rick and Morty Vs Dungeons & Dragons – I don’t want Rick and Morty but I read the first trade and enjoyed it.  As a fan of D&D, I saw the covers were actual character sheets which made me have to pick these up.


My comic shop has a kids section so I saw the Golden book of the DC Super Friends and had to get it for my daughter.  As a new parent I’m excited they are making books like this geared towards kids so I can share my passion with her.

So those are the pick ups, the top picks of the week, and a bonus baby picture.  Whats everyone else reading? Any book you’d like me to review?  Hit me up on Facebook and let me know!


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