Weekly Pick up 10/17/18


  • Batman #57 – DC
  • Justice League Dark #4 – DC
  • Justice League #10 – DC
  • Gideon Falls #7 – Image
  • Black Hammer Age of Doom #6 – Dark Horse
  • Black Badge #3 – Boom!
  • Walking Dead Blind Bag #127 – Image
  • Walking Dead Blind Bag #171 – Image

I saw the two blind bags and I loved the 171 cover so I had to grab them both after enjoying the pulls from Walking Dead Day.  I didn’t get anything special but still two pretty cool covers:

Top 3 books I’m most excited to read:

  1. Black Hammer Age of Doom #6 – The last issue was crazy and I’m really excited to see how this one goes.  From Issue 1, this has been one of my favorite comics.
  2. Gideon Falls #7 – This is a great October book, a great thriller with just enough creepy.  I remember when I read issue one I wasn’t sure if it was going to be all horror or not, but really liking how it’s turning out.
  3. Black Badge #3 – Matt Kindt is becoming one of those guys like Geoff Lemire, Tom King and Grant Morrison, where I can almost always grab a book written by them and know it’s going to be good.  Black Badge has been no exception!

Kind of a small, week but ready to keep on reading.  Pretty crazy that with six books, and a Batman book isn’t picked and two Jeff Lemire books!!  Whats everyone else reading? Any book you’d like me to review?  Hit me up on Facebook and let me know!

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