Walking Dead Day Pick Ups

After 15 years of the release of the first issue of the Walking Dead, comes Walking Dead Day.  As many know there were plenty of things coming out for this day including the re-release of issue 1 with local comic shop logos on it, blind bags, and 15th anniversary box.


My local shop (The Comic Signal) had all the above plus Walking Dead short boxes, a bunch of back issues and also offered 15% off the trades.  While stopping by I snagged a #1 with the shop logo and a blind bag of issue 2, 7, 19, and 100.


First blind bag was issue #2 by Chris Samnee .  I got the standard issue, which had Glen saving Rick from a bunch of zombies.   This issue is big because it has the first appearances for Glen, Lori, Carl and Andrea to name a few.


Second blind bag was issue #7 by Daniel Warren Johnson.  I ended up getting the black and white variant which is pretty sweet.  The importance of this issue is it’s the first one drawn by long time writer Carl Adlard, but also has the first appearance of Tyreese.


Third blind bag was issue #19 by J. Scott Campbell.  It has an updated version of the of the normal cover with Michonne and her two zombies.  The importance of this issue is as shown the first appearance of Michonne.


Forth and final blind bag was issue #100 by James Harren.  This cover shows the first time Negan meets the group and kills Glen.  As Negan being my favorite in all of comics I had to get this issue.  The importance of this is first Negan and death of Glen.

While I didn’t get as many specials as I would of hoped for, it’s another great day to get out to the comic shop and get to help support local business.   If I had to pick I’d say #100 is my favorite of the covers I got! Hopefully you got to get out too, and if so what did you grab?

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