What am I reading 10/3/2018


Well, Like everyone else who loves comics I picked mine up today, and this is what I got:

  • Ether The Copper Golem #5 – Dark Horse Comics
  • Paper Girls#25 – Image
  • Redlands #7 – Image
  • The Magic Order #4 – Image
  • The Walking Dead #184 – Image
  • Champions #25 – Marvel
  • The Witching Hour – DC
  • Green Arrow #45 – DC
  • Batman #56 – DC
  • Justice League #9 – DC

Top 3 books I’m most excited to read:

  • Redlands – This book is one I did a review on the first and have liked from the start.  It’s pretty dark, and just got back from a break so excited to start it up again.
  • The Walking Dead – The Walking Dead is one of those books that is always on the top of my to read list once I snag it.  While I’m not a huge fan of the show this is a must read book, and was quite the cliff hanger on the last issue.
  • Batman #56 – Tom King is writing the Batman I want to read, and just like TWD, this book left with a great cliff hanger.

Whats everyone else reading?  What are the must reads for you?  Any of these books you want to hear about?  Add my Facebook Page and let me know!

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