Heroes in Crisis #1


Heroes in Crisis is the newest limited series released by DC, written by Tom King (Batman, Mister Miracle) , drawn by Clay Mann(Batman), colored by Tomeu Morey and Letters by Clayton Cowles(Redlands).  This is the first issue in a nine part series. For those who don’t keep up with a comic book news this one has had a decent amount of fans already upset with some of the leaks, as this book will be killing a decent amount of heroes.


As a fair warning, there will be spoilers beyond this point!


This book starts off with the unlikely pair of Harley Quinn and Booster Gold in a sit down Cafe in Nebraska.  While Booster starts off talking, the rest is mostly just a monologue from Harley. While the cafe seems to be the main part of the story, and in true Tom King fashion, it goes into two other side plots. The first involving Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman reporting to a secret location and identifying the bodies of the fallen heroes. While the second is nine panel grids, in case you forgot King was writing this, of heroes talking about their issues.  This book is also bringing in some characters I’ve never heard of before Blue Jay and Hot Spot, but also has some of the major DC Heroes we know and love. While I wasn’t really excited to read this when It seemed to be a pretty Harley driven story, and some of the bad press it has gotten from internet, Kings writing proved to be solid as expected.  I’m also super excited to see what King has to offer on more Booster Gold as I loved the Batman story from earlier this year with Booster.


The art on this book is Clay Mann to a tee.  It’s so solid. The fight between Booster and Harley is very tight, but also he is able to show the emotions of the heroes in the nine panel grid.  Mixed with the colors by Morey, this artwork is A+. I know when King first announced a new series coming, he had mentioned he had too much going on but he did it because of the artist. I’m really excited to see drawing all the heroes in this as I’ve only seen his work in the current Batman run.  


5/5 – I think this is a solid book and glad I picked it up.  I think it leaves with just a good enough cliffhanger ending and like everything Tom King writes I expect this to be a classic by completion.

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