Pull List 12/27/2017


Pull List:

  1. DC – Batman Detective Comics #971
  2. DC – Doomsday Clock #2
  3. DC – The Flash #37
  4. DC – Dark Knight Hawkman Found #1
  5. Vertigo – Imaginary Fiends #2
  6. Marvel – Thanos #14
  7. Archie Comics – Riverdale #9
  8. Marvel Max – Punisher the Paltoon #4
  9. Marvel – Moon Knight #190

Most Excited to Read:

  1. Moon Knight #190 – I’ve been loving this story and has one of the saving graces in Marvel Comics for me lately.  Excited to see how this builds up.
  2. Doomsday Clock #2 – Much like everyone else, I’ve been waiting for this since the drop of Rebirth #1, and with Doomsday Clock #1 giving us just enough this will hopefully at least start giving us some answers.
  3. Hawkman Found #1 – Jeff Lemire is one of my favorite authors and to see him add to one of the newest DC stories will be great.  I added this to my pull list before I decided to go all in on Metal.


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