Pull List 11/29/2017

IMG_20171130_071428 (1).jpg

  • DC– Batman Annual #2
  • DC – Batman – Creature of the Night #1
  • DC – Green Arrow Annual #1
  • Image – Kill of be Killed #14
  • Marvel – Moon Knight – #189
  • DC – Mystik U #1
  • DC – New Talent Showcase #1
  • Image – Renato Jones Freelancer #5

Top 3 Reads:

  1. Batman Annual #2 – Tom King has been killing it writing Batman, and these small one shots is where he really shines.  I’ve seen a lot of talk on the internet about how this book made them cry, so I am not looking forward to that.
  2. Moon Knight #189 – After finishing #188, I was super pumped to see where this story would go.  Bemis has been creating something great and I’m really excited to be excited about a Marvel book like this.
  3. Mystik U #1 – After watching the Justice League Dark animated movie, I’ve wanted to learn a bit more about Zatana.  While this is only a 3 part story, I’m excited to finally get a bit more of her in her own comic.  While I’ve seen pretty mixed reviews about this, it’s still something I’m excited to read.


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