Moon Knight #188

Moon Knight #188 is written by Max Bemis, art by Jacen Burrows, colors by Mat Lopes, letters by VC’s Cory Petit and published by Marvel Comics.  This book is part of the new Legacy Campaign at Marvel, which is restarting all Marvel comics to the actual number of books released.  While given a number like 188, do not be scared to start here.  Another positive about these legacy issues is that they are over-sized and packed with a few extra pages!


Moon Knight 188 starts different than most super hero comics in that it is all a back story on a character that is not the hero.  You are interduce to Dr Emmett, who is treating patient 86.  Throughout this besides the final pages, the only mentions of Moon Knight is from Dr Emmett.  Bemis does a spectacular job getting you invested in who I assume will be the bad guy, patient 86, for this first arc.

i will burn them

Visually this book has everything needed to be the perfect book.  With most marvel books for me are very hit or his on the art, and Burrow/Lopes do a great job giving something beyond the normal standard marvel art.



I came into this thinking it would be hard to pull me into a Moon Knight comic after having one of my favorite writers (Jeff Lemire) and a fantastic artist (Greg Smallwood), but Bemis and team does a great job pulling me into this almost harder then I was on the last team.

5/5 – This is everything I want in a comic, great writing, art and something just slightly different than average.  I think this comic is for everyone who reads comics.

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