Pull List 11/8/2017

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted a pull list.  After getting back from my honeymoon and getting back into the normal swing of life, I really wanted to get back into the swing of blogging again.



  • Action Comic #991
  • Batman – The Dark Prince Charming #1 of 2
  • Dark Nights – Batman Lost #1
  • Detective Comics #968
  • The Flash #34
  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lateran Corps #32
  • Mister Miracle #4
  • Titans #17



  • Marvel – Moon Knight #188
  • Image – Redlands #4
  • Image – Royal City #7
  • Image – The Walking Dead – Here’s Negan!
  • Marvel – The Vision Director’s Cut #6

Top Five Reads:

  1. Moon Knight #188 – I loved Jeff Lemire’s run on here and I’m really excited to see how this starts off again.  Not many Marvel books get me pumped, but I’ve been away from Moon Knight long enough.
  2. Mister Miracle #4 – Tom King is becoming one of the best comic writers of our times, and this book is helping cement that.  As I stated in my review of #1 this is setting up to be a classic, and the last 3 have not proved that wrong.
  3. Royal City #7 – I can’t say enough about how much I like Jeff Lemire, but this is another book he’s been killing it on.  No one writes small town stories as good as this dude.
  4. Dark Night – Batman Lost #1 – Metal has been setting up for something great and I’ve been reading all the books.  I am always trying to make sure I read both the books of the week as to not fall behind.
  5. Redlands #4 – After reading #1 I added this to my pull list.  The last two issues have been building a back story, and I am really hoping this book starts to put the story in motion.

If there are any books you think I’d like, or you are looking forward to reading from this week feel free to reach out via comment, facebook, or e-mail.

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