The Jetsons #1

The Jetsons #1 is written by Jimmy Palmiotti, with art by Pier Brito, colors by Alex Sinclair, letters by Dave Sharpe and published by DC Comics.  In May 2016, DC started a new Hanna-Barbera Beyond line which started with Future Quest, The Flintstones, Scooby Apocalypse, and Wacky Racelands.


Much like the Flintsones, the Jetson takes a modern play on an already established family.  The Jetsons takes place in a world in which is using satellites to hold buildings over the water sunk world.  George. the father and main character, is a mechanic with an old soul, doing a job which can’t be replaced by robots.  Elroy, his son, still in school and always up for a good adventure.  Judy, his daughter, is coming to age trying to find what she is going to do with her life.  Jane, his wife, is a scientist, dealing with the new worlds current state.  Rosie, his mother, has been transplanted into a robot and is now the maid to her family.  Palmiotti does a great job creating something fresh out of an old fashion family, while keeping some of the classics like the theme song into this book.  I think the biggest difference between this and the Flintstones is that this book appears to be more fluid story while the Flintstones were all kind of stand alone issues.


Visually this book is doing everything the story is doing, bringing a modern take on something classic.  While the art isn’t anything ground backing or game changing, it’s great art, and Brito adds the extra flair needed.  Sinclair’s colors really bring everything together while being bright when needed and also making it dark and gritty in times of distress.

4/5 – I am adding this to my pull list and really excited to see where this story goes.  If you are a fan of the Flintstones I highly recommend checking this book out.

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