Redlands #1

Redlands is written and colored by Jordie Bellaire, art by Vensa R. Del Ray, letters and production by Clayton Cowles and published by Image Comics.  Image has been releasing some of the best comics in the last few years, in my mind. and having all comics creator owned to me seems like the reason why.


The time is 1977 and the place is a police station in the small town of Redlands, Florida. Filled with fear and angry, the small town police department is looking for the “Bitches.” With a small child out in the streets the police department has to make a discussion on whether to save the child before they lose her to “those demons.”  Without getting too much into the actual story of Redlines, this is a great small town horror/mystery taken place in the south.   While not a rookie to coloring, it’s crazy to believe this is Bellaire’s first work as a writer as this work is very refined and gives you just enough that you need to get the next book.  I see plenty of other books coming out for Bellaire in the future, and this a start to a double threat in the comic world.


Visually this book is dark, gritty and perfect to add to the eeriness of this book.  While some of the colors (dark reds with blacks) make it harder to view some of the art, I think over all this really helps for the mood of this book.  As one of the first major label horror stories I’ve read I’m really excited to see how the visuals take off in the next few issues.

IMG_20170813_111559 (2)

4/5 – This will be added to my pull list, and recommend for anyone who is a fan of horror books.  I’m really excited to see where this story goes, and what is in store for the city of Redlands.

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