Mister Miracle #1

Mister Miracle #1 is written by Tom King (Batman Rebirth, The Vision, Omega Men), art by Mitch Gerads (Sheriff of Babylon), and published by DC Comics.  This is book retails for $3.99 and is book one of a twelve part story.


I have not read much of Mister Miracle, but Tom King is becoming one of my must read authors I was super pumped to pick this up.  After grabbing my comics today, this was the first book I tore into.


The story starts off with Scott, Mister Miracle, getting released from the hospital, after escaping from the hardest thing for him yet: DEATH.  He is later visited by Orion of the New Gods(to learn a bit more about him check out my review on New Gods Special), who is later run off by Mister Miracles partner Barda.  With flashbacks, visits from friends, and dialog with Barda, King is doing a great job showing how troubled and damaged Mister Miracle is after his latest escape.  This book is written in a very psychological way making you not sure what is real or not, and I think as the story unfolds we will learn exactly what escaping death really brings to Mister Miracle.

Art 2


Visually this book is out of this world.  Gerads is making this look very similar to the art by Greg Smallwood on Jeff Lemire’s Moon Knight run.  The colors and direction that the art brings really brings King’s story to life.  After reading this, I need to check out more books from Gerads to see what else he has to offer.

5/5 – This is a super solid book, and honestly I think this is a book we will be talking about for years.  While this book is going to be depressing and with the psychological nature, this story may not be for everyone.  However if you were remotely a fan of Jeff Lemire’s Moon Knight run this is a must read.

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