Renegade Issue One

Renegades Issue One is written by Jared Gafford, pencil/ink/cover by Tyler Sowles, color by Sara Dhyne, letters by Jeremiah Lambert, and is a completely independent comic.  This book was 100% funded by the writer, with help from a Kickstarter campaign.  This will be book one of an ongoing series which I read the first part digital.


Renegades is journey following a troubled man, Connor, as he is dealing with recovery from drug addiction because of a life changing experience.   The story starts out as he hears gun fire while on a train, bringing back the memory of a failed drug deal gone bad for him.  From here Gafford weaves back and forth from present day to the past letting us know more about the monsters Connor is dealing with.  There is enough story here to sink your teeth into and also gives you the perfect cliff hanger for picking up the next issue.  You can tell that Gafford really worked hard to put out a great product in the two years he’s been writing this.


Visually this book is great for an independent book.  The use of full color for present day and shades of purple and black for the flash back really sets the tone for the book. Sowles’ also does a great job shading characters out showing more of how Connor is feeling with people around him.

Flash back

For anyone looking to get a copy check out the Renegade Comic’s Facebook Page.  For anyone local to Michigan, you can check out all the three of the Vault of Midnight locations, Gold Mine Comics, and hopefully many others in the near future.

3.5/5 – Renegades is a great read, and perfect for fans of good redemption story.   It’s also one of the few comics I’ve seen deal with recovery, and also in a very real way.  It also gives the perfect cliff hanger,  guaranteeing I’ll be backing the next part on kickstart.

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