Clue #1

Clue is written by Paul Allor, art by Nelson Daniel and published by IDW.   This book is part one of a five-part miniseries I picked up just to check more of IDW out.  They also include three clues for the next book separated by different cover issues of the comic.


Clue is based on the Hasbro board game with a modern-day twist.  They take all the characters we know and love from the board game and add in a flair from today generation, IE Miss Scarlet is an Aussie rapper.  We are started off with a dinner party, bringing everyone together which ends in a death, bringing two detectives to the mason. As you would guess the murder mystery side from Clue takes off from here. Allor really boosts the story up with comic relief to add to the main story.  The butler, Upton, shines bright and stealing the show by adding in witty comments like those picture below. Comedy really shines in this book bringing a fun murder mystery similar to the movie from the 80’s.

Daniel does a great job adding to some of comic release on this book.  While this art isn’t ground breaking by any means, the added case file descriptions, and panel work really brings the book together.

Clue Panel

3.5/5 – If you love murder mystery comics with comedy, or the 80’s movie, this is a great book to add to your collect.   After reading the first one I will be adding this to my collection.

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