Sneak Peek of Modern Animals


Modern Animals is a three chapter graphic novel written by David Brown, art by DNS, letters by Mira Mortal and published by Fifth Dimension Comics.  Fifth Dimensions Comics is an independent comic company making dark comics for people who like their coffee black. This is the same creative team behind the book The Magician – “The Long Road” which I had the pleasure of reviewing in September.  The book will be dropping on kickstarter on Valentines day and I got a sneak peek at the first two chapters.


I’m going to start by saying this book is not for everyone, it’s very dark, and aggressive, but if you can get by that it’s one hell of a ride.  Brown has a way with words which makes the story flow great and smoothly develop.  He brings you into this world and makes you almost need to take a shower after finishing it.   The story follows two drug fueled losers working in the porn industry as a fluffer  and a lighting tech.  After the main character breaks up with his porn star girlfriend because of an issue on set, they find themselves in an innocent night with two sisters, which ends in a double homicide.  The rest of the story is filled with how they are going to get themselves out of this jam, while introducing all other parties involved.  Another great thing Brown does, is really wanting you to continue reading this book.  Both Chapter 1 and 2 end on cliff hangers wanting you to continue reading.


Visually this book is amazing, DNS is a pro when it comes to putting images to a great story.  I really enjoyed how the two chapters take place in different colors, and being mostly black, white and Red/Blue depending on chapter, it’s amazing the work that is done.  The panel work on this is like something you don’t see much rarely using the standard grid, and even when it is it’s not your average panel.  The full-page art is out of this world and really showcases the love for the art of comics.  In the independent comic game, DNS is one of the finest.


While letters aren’t something I normally really pay attention to Mortal has a way of really stepping it up and making you notice them.  The way the flow into the art and move the story is stunning and adds that extra detail showcasing this story.


3.5/5 – I really enjoyed reading the start of this book, and will be grabbing this book on KickStarter for sure.  While it’s not something that offends me  the grit, and non political correctness of this book is the one thing not putting this at a 4.  If you are into gritty, dark, out of the norm stories, this is a MUST READ!  Brown and DNS once again have found a way to showcase a great story.

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