December Comic Bento Box Actual Rating

With all of my Comic Bento Boxes, I rate then from when I open them to after reading all the books.  With the Mighty Bento Box, it’s no different.  I came in rating this box at a 3/5 from opening.

Best Book from the Box: X-O Manowar: By the Sword  written by Robert Venditti, art by Cary Nord, colors by David Aja, and published by Valiant Entertainment.  I’ve seen a lot of people talk about how much they like Valiant comics, and how much they love them, but besides the Lemire’s Bloodshot #1 and the Ninjak from the October 90’s Bento Box I haven’t been very impressed by them.  This book was different.  The art is out of this world, and the writing is great too.  I’m not sure if some of the other stuff was more so because of being dated, but this was awesome.  I’m actually considering getting Vol 2 to see how Ninjak plays out in it.

Best Use of the Theme: The Mighty Avengers: Ultron Initiative written by Brian Michael Bendis and Art by Frank Cho and published by Marvel.  I’m not quite the Avengers/Iron Man fan, but this book was good.  I do like the “odd ball” Marvel heroes, and this has Ares, Sentry and Wonder Man.  I liked the team work they used, and after finishing this I am kind of considering picking up the second volume of this run, to see where the team ends up.

Worst Book from the Box: Unbelievable Gwenpool: Believe It written by Christopher Hasting, art by Danillo Beyruth, and published by Marvel.  On ratings themselves, Smite and Gwenpool tied, but being the old man that I am, Gwenpool is my pick because I will most likely never read Gwenpool again.  While it’s quirky, and different, and some people may call it fun, this is not the book for me.  After finishing this, it makes me really want to cancel my pull on Champions after the reveal in the last issue, but I’ll wait before hand.

Rating Afterwords: 2.75/5 – Both the Avengers and X-O Manowar keep this about even, however the other two books were both pretty blah.  If you are a fan of Gwenpool, or that sort of thing I would assume this would be a much better box for you.

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