A is for Animal Man


Animal Man Omnibus written by Grant Morrison with Art by (Various) and published by Vertigo Comics.  For those who don’t know Grant Morrison has done a lot of characters in the DC universe from the JLA, Batman, All-Star Superman, the Doom Patrol, and even created his own like the Invisible and Klaus to name a few.  He is no rookie to the DC, Marvel and many other comic companies, and is currently one of the best in the business.

This is one of the first books I read towards my goal of reading a series or trade starting with every letter.  I am currently keeping everything updated on my Alphabet Challenge Page.

The reason I picked this book up was because the comic book subreddit seemed to highly recommend this and saw Barns and Nobles had an awesome deal on comic books.  The book itself is pretty massive  hardcover with 708 pages.  When removing the slipcover you see the awesome cover underneath showing many of the covers throughout the series. 


If you haven’t read Grant Morrison, this is a great book to read of this. He has a very distinct writing style which can be seen as out there to some, but if you really dive into you will get some great storytelling.  Animal man is Buddy Baker, a family man who can channel animals to gain their powers.  From Flying like birds, Super Strength of an ape, the ability of regrowth from a worm, or even breath underwater like fish, to name a few.  Buddy  also teams up with some great heroes (Martian Manhunter,  and Vixen), Villains (B’wana Beast, Mirror Master) and Grant Morrison himself throughout this adventure.  The best part of this heroes is the fact that he pretty unknown, and consider C-D list hero but still gets to join Justice League Europe.  He also is a vegetarian and animal activist which adds another part to his animal powers and stories.


While the art for its time is amazing and really helps with the flow of this book, compared to some of today’s art it is lacking a bit of a wow factor.  Wow factor aside, the art mixed with the story is great.  While the artists change throughout the journey it never really misses a beat. Some of the covers for this, are insane especially coming from the time in which it was made.  

4/5– This is the perfect book for any fan of DC/Vertigo, Grant Morrison, or D list heroes.  While compared to new books this isn’t as quick of a read because of the extra dialog, but it’s just as much of a page turner if not more.  If you like comics, I highly recommend reading this.

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