December Comic Bento

For my fifth Comic Bento Box it has the theme of Mighty with the spotlight on Marvel.  By definition mighty is possessing great and impressive power or strength, especially on account of size. When I first heard the marvel spotlight I assumed this would be a box packed with just marvel books, but was quite surprised to see a few non marvel books in it. The packaging for this box was great as always.


First Book: The Mighty Avengers: Ultron Initiative written by Brian Michael Bendis and Art by Frank Cho and published by Marvel.   After the Civil War 2 debacle, I am excited to see Ms Marvel and Iron Man together.  While just looking at who the cast is it’s a lot of people I am not to familiar with and am glad it’s some of the non-typical Avengers.   Obviously it seems to fit pretty well with the theme with the name alone.

Retail Value: $14.99


Second Book:X-O Manowar: By the Sword  written by Robert Venditti, art by Cary Nord, colors by David Aja, and published by Valiant Entertainment.  From the October box we got Ninjax, and I’m excited to see how X-O Manowar brings up.  This appears to be from the newer run of Valiant comics , by the look of the art.  While I haven’t really gotten into a lot of Valiant stuff, a lot of people seem to like it, so hopefully this can change my mind.  While I don’t know to much of X-O Manowar, I would guess he’d be a pretty typical person for the mighty characteristics, from what I remember from the Ninjax book.

Retail Value: $9.99


Third Book: Smite: The Pantheon War written by Jack Banish & John Jackson Miller, art by Eduardo Francisco, and published by Dark Horse Comics.  While Dota 2 was my moab of choice while I played moabs, I did play a few matches of Smite.  I am excited to see how this book reads out as it seems like there would be a pretty good plot here.  The art looks pretty good and from flipping through this it appears to be a very 300 like.  A book of Gods fighting appears to be very mighty and fitting to the theme.

Retail Value: $14.99


Forth Book: Unbelievable Gwenpool: Believe It written by Christopher Hasting, art by Danillo Beyruth, and published by Marvel.  The second book from Marvel in this box, and I’m actually pretty excited to read this.  I read a decent bit of Deadpool, but after dropping him it’ll be nice to have something a little lighthearted added to this box.  While I don’t think she fits the mighty theme to well, this is a book I think I will enjoy.

Retail Value: $16.99

Total Box Retail Value: $56.96

Overall Rating: 3/5 – While The first three books seem to fit the theme pretty good, Gwenpool seems to only be in this box because of the Marvel spotlight.  I am excited to see these books, but overall this box is pretty sub par to me.

I am excited to see what the next box has to bring with the theme Red and Blue.  Hoping

I will be reviewing all these books, so come back to check those out if there are any books you are looking to read.  If you are looking to join Comic Bento, you can use this link and it’ll give me a $5.00 credit to my subscription.

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