Ms. Marvel #13

Ms Marvel #13 Election Day, written by G. Willow Wilson, art by Mirka Andolfo, color by Ian Herring, and published by Marvel.  After reading The Champions first issue, I really wanted to get into some of the heroes on the team and learn about Them.  After all the great hype of Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 and it seems like everyones love for the charecter I decided to add this to my pull list at #12, which is the start of the new arc.


As I mentioned above I really enjoyed the start of Ms. Marvel, and was pretty excited to get into this book.  Once I really started getting into this book, I realized what it was and was pretty disappointed.  This issue was a propaganda book on getting people to go out and vote. As an active voter that’s not something I’m against, however if you are charging people 3.99 an issue for it, it’s pretty disappointing.  If the author really wanted to do something like this, it would have been a lot better if they added an extra ten pages and added this story in and not sell it as part of the arc.


Visually this book is pretty great.  The art done in the two books I’ve read is nice, its pretty fresh and different compared to the normal cookie cutter marvel art.

2/5 – While the writing itself isn’t bad, and the art is very good, this book is an overall disappointment.  As mentioned before I wish this was an add-on to another book rather than a story about getting out and voting.

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