One of my local comic shops The Vault of Midnight  does a monthly recommended book, and this month they had Klaus written by Grant Morrison, art by Dan Mora, and Published by Boom! Studios.   Grant Morrison can be very out there, is one of my top authors, which really drew me to picking this up.  Also from reading Skybourne I have wanted to look into some more Boom! Studios books.


As you can tell by the cover this book is pretty sick looking.  It’s also seems to be smoother than most hardcovers in an almost leather feel.  The pages themselves are gold in color making this book look cooler than most of the other hardcovers on the market.  This will add a great look on shelf and in my case is the best looking book on my shelf.


Lets get to the story itself.  The city of Grimsvig  is currently ruled by a leader following the voices of a demon.  Ruling with an iron fist and not allowing the city to celebrate Yuletime, until the work in the coal mines has been complete.  To help bring back the Yuletime celebration Klaus and his pet wolf have returned to Grimsvig to restore order to the city. While this story  about the start of Santa Claus, it’s also has a lot of addition and oddities that could only be written by Grant Morrison himself.  For those who are not familiar with Grant Morrison, he is very unique in writing style but also can be slightly out there.  As you will be able to tell by the title this is a very original origin story of Santa Claus and how the celebration of Yuletime came to  become.  Reading this in the month of December it’s very topical in a great way.  Klaus reminds me of if Assassin’s Creed did a story line with Santa Claus.


While the story itself is great, the best part of this book is the art itself.  I’ve not read much with Dan Mora, but oh my god this stuff is great, and it’s really no surprise that Dan Mora won the 2016 Russ Manning Award.  I think the biggest feat in this book is that every panel, big and small has no miss for attention to detail.  I can not really describe how great this art is without you looking into it yourself, however I think just looking at the book it will show you how great it is.

5/5 – This book in my opinion is perfect.  I think while the story itself is great the reason the book is in the 5/5 is because of the art itself.  This is also a very great book for the Holiday season with a  very original story.

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