November Comic Bento

For my forth Comic Bento Box it has the theme of Remember the Titans.  By definition a titan is a person of exceptional importance and reputation.  I know while listening to the description from Comic Bento it was going to be heroes that are “larger than life” in both size and stature but also in excitement and adventure.  As always the packages are great shrink wrapped and in a box.


First Book: Hulk Season One written by Fred Van Lente and Coloring/Art by Tom Fowler and published by Marvel. While I have not read much of the Hulk he is one of the Marvel heroes I’ve always enjoyed, and he would fit the definition of the Titan.  I am pretty excited for this, and when I first opened the box, I knew this was the book I was more than excited to read.  Just flipping through the pages the art looks dark, and in some pages even makes the Hulk look like a monster, which makes me even more excited to see how the story pans out.

Retail Value: $24.99


Second Book: Warlords of Mars Dejah Throis: Vol. 1. Colossus of Mars written by Arvid Nelson, art by Carlos Rafeal, colors by Carlos Lopez, and published by Dynamite Comics.  While this is not a comic I would normally pick up, as I don’t normally avoid covers with half naked women, it looks like it may be a lot better than just the cover points out.   By the cover alone this does not seem to fit the Titan theme, however flipping through the book the villain appears to be a Titan.

Retail Value: $16.99


Third Book: Thrud The Barbarian written and art by Carl Critchlow and published by Titan Comics.  Another comic I have not heard of before getting it in this box, but once again flipping through this book Thrud appears to be very large in size and fitting to the theme. Looking at this book, it is probably the one book I am looking the least forward to reading in the group, but am still excited to give it a try.

Retail Value: $14.99


Forth Book: Kaljumax Season One by Zander Cannon and published by Oni Press.  On a the theme of Remember the Titans it appears that this book fits it to a tee as almost all of the characters are extremely large in size.  The art in here is very intriguing to me as it’s very colorful and different than what you would normally see in comics.   On quick glance I feel like this book will either be something I will love or hate.

Retail Value: $9.99


Fifth Book: The Champions No Time for Losers written by Tony Isabella & Bill Mantlo, Art by Don Heck, George Tuska & John Byrne and published by Marvel.  I saw this at my LCS and almost picked it up, but it was released when I was already picking up a lot of stuff and didn’t want to spend the extra cash and completely forgot about this.  I’ve been really into some of the Hercules stuff I’ve read so I am pretty excited that this came as the extra book.  While the Titan theme itself may not be met great here I think this was more so making the box larger in size.

Retail Value: $7.99

Total Box Retail: $74.95

Overall Rating: 3/5 While the two Marvel books I’m really excited to get into, the rest of the box seems like it could be hit or miss for me.  While everything fits the theme here, I also wasn’t quite sure how the theme was supposed to pan out.  Overall I’m excited to see how it goes.

I will be reviewing all these books, so come back to check those out if there are any books you are looking to read.  If you are looking to join Comic Bento, you can use this link and it’ll give me a $5.00 credit to my subscription.

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