October Comic Bento Box Actual Rating

As most of my readers should know, in October I got the Comic Bento Box with the theme of the 90’s.  I gave it a 4.5/5 on opening it as it looked like all comics I would enjoy reading and all fit the theme.  I was stoked to see the nice hardcore Ninjak and great use of the theme.  The Retail Price overall for  this was $81.96.

After reading the four books, Turok Dinosaur Hunter Volume One: Conquest, The Mask Strikes Back, Black Water Ninja Valiant Master Volume , Doctor Strange The Flight of Bones, I wanted to come back and rate the box after reading it.

Best Book from the Box: Doctor Strange The Flight of Bone. As Doctor Strange was hitting the big screen, and I have read very little of the character, I was super pumped to have this in the box.  This book did not disappoint.  It had two longer stories inside along with four short stories, which gave me plenty of back story to learn about the Doctor.  While the short stories were very short, it was nice to have some added content that is missing in most trade paper backs.  While this isn’t the best origin story, it’s a great place to learn on Doctor Strange.

Best Use of the Theme: Turok Dinosaur Hunter Volume One: Conquest and The Mask Strikes Back.  While every book in this box hit the theme on the head, these both added in the wild cards of Video Game, and Movie that was I looking for.  One of the biggest reason I got these boxes was to get outside of the major two and read other stories in the medium of comics.  While thinking about what I would get I was hoping for Music, Video Game and Movie in the box and got two of the 3.  Both are great stories and hit the theme on the head.

Worst Book from the Box: Black Water Ninja Valiant Master Volume.  Saying that this book is the worst of the box isn’t the insult it should be.  If I were to rank this book it would be a 3/5 and by no means is that a bad thing.  It’s a nice hard cover, good art and a really good story.  The biggest issue was while everything was good, it wasn’t a story that really grabbed me and made me want to keep reading.

Rating Afterwords: 3.75/5 – Rating these after the fact can be really hard, while I still believe the 4.5 was a great grade on opening, it’s really hard to meet that same grade after reading.  When I look at it every book in here was at the least good.  I would have rated them 4 – Doctor Strange, 4 – Turok, 3.5 – The Mask, and 3 – Ninjak, because of the value and the quality of the books I rounded up from a 3.625.  This is so far the best Comic Bento I have gotten, and it’s boxes like these that really make this service worth getting.

If you are looking to join Comic Bento, you can use this link and it’ll give me a $5.00 credit to my subscription and you’ll save 15%.

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