The Shepherd: Apokatastasis

The Shepherd: Apokatastasis is written by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari and Roberto Xavier Molinari, Pencil/Inks by Ryan “Score” Showers, Colors by Heather Breckel, Letters, Logo Deigns by Jacob Bascle and Published by Caliber Comics.  This is the first in the series which is written by father and son combo, which really shows in the relationships throughout the book.  Caliber Comics was founded in 1998 and is local to Wayne County, Michigan, which had done works with some greats such as Brian Bendis, Ed Brubaker, and James O’Barr to name a few.


This is the story of a family man, Lawrence Miller, who after the loss of his oldest child Val to an overdose, is sent on a quest to help him cross over from the seam.   While transitioning from life to death Lawrence finds his father who gives him the Staff of Truth to help him along his journey.


While returning to his son’s grave, Lawrence meets Legio, a demon dog who becomes his companion of righting the wrongs caused to his son.  Throughout the rest of The Shepherd: Apokatastasis, the reader follows Legio and Lawrence as they travel up the chain of Methamphetamine ring to avenge his son’s death, and help him cross over to the other side.

As I mentioned before this is written by a father and son team, which really shows in this book and adds another level that if written by someone else would surely be lacking.  It’s mentioned in the  foreword of the book that Andrea’s son pushed him to make this a graphic novel, which made this perfect.  While the story doesn’t really take off until the third book, the back story and plot development is worth it.  This is one of those books you will want to set aside a decent chunk of time for as you will not want to put it down once you start reading it.


Visually this book is gritty, and raw which helps showcase the darkness that is The Shepherd: Apokatastasis.  Like many creator-owned comics, the artwork can lack some of the big punches in released by larger companies, but in this case it helps add to the story here.  The artist also uses really good use of grid work outside the boxes which adds another cool effect.


4/5 – Another great book from an independent comic company in my state.  If John Constantine was a family man, he would be Lewrence Miller.  To anyone who enjoys a good thriller, tale of the afterlife, or a good family man revenge story, this is the book for you.  I can say after finishing this, I am looking forward to reading the second book!

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