Pull List 10/30/2016

My new job I don’t get to leave until after my local comic shop is closed, and with Halloween stuff I’m a little late to post on this.  This week is a first for me with DC being at the bottom of the weekly pick ups.



  1. Archie Comics – Afterlife with Archie Vol 1
  2. Valiant – Bloodshot U.S.A. #1
  3. Dark Horse – Harrow County Halloween ComicFest #1
  4. Image – Renato Jones the One% #5
  5. Image – Sage #39
  6. Boom! – Skybourne #2
  7. AP – Trump vs Clinton Adult Coloring Book
  8. IDW – The X-Files Origin #3



  1. Captain America Steve Rodgers #6
  2. Civil War #6
  3. Darth  Vader Doctor Aphra Halloween ComicFest #1
  4. Ms. Marvel #12 Now #1
  5. The Prowler Now #1
  6. Extraordinary X-Men #15



  1. Batman Beyond #1
  2. Detective Comics #943
  3. The Flash #9
  4. Titan#4

Top Five Reads:

  1. Saga #39 – After the ending of 38, I had to see what happened next to Marco, Alan, Hazel and Crew.
  2. Titan #4 – This is one of my first reads every week, I love this story.  When I started reading the Flash, it was Wally West and I am loving this story.
  3. Skybourne # 2 – The first was great, I heard so many people hyping it and wasn’t disappointed.   I can’t wait to see where this goes.
  4. Ms. Marvel #12 Now #1 – After reading Champions, it made me want to see what all these heroes are about.  I don’t enjoy a lot of Marvel, but that book was so refreshing and brings a great new look at heroes.  Ms Marvel is something I’ve read nothing on and am excited to see what her story is all about.
  5. The Flash #9 – The Flash has had very little lulls for me compared to some of the other biweekly DC comics.  Can’t wait to see whats next for Barry Allen.

A late post, but just finally got some free time.   If there is anything on this list you’d like me to review or hear more about let me know by commenting, e-mailing or reaching out on Facebook.

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