Rick and Morty Vol 1

The Forth Book to my September Comic Bento box is Rick and Morty Vol 1 published by Oni Press, written by Zac Gorman, art by CJ Cannon and color by Ryan Hill.   I’ve seen the show a few times and while I enjoyed it, I don’t have as much time as I used to have to watch Adult Swim shows.  For those who do not watch the show it’s about an Alcoholic mad scientist grandfather named Rick, and his grandson Morty who go on adventures together.


Of the September Box this is by far the saving grace of it.  The first  three chapters are a combined story on how Rick and Morty get arrested, and put into a  space prison labyrinth.  The next two chapters are one shots of two more adventures, going back to a plant where Rick started his own government, and Morty going to summer camp.  The writing in this is very light-hearted and funny, and just as zany as the TV Show.  Without being a fan of the show as much it’s kind of hard to know if this is similar to the show, but from what I remember it seems pretty spot on.


Visually this book is very close to the show.  It also adds a lot to the comedy aspect of the book.  Drawing comedy can be a lot harder from some artist, and in this book I think it was done perfectly.

3.5/5 – This book was the saving grace to a bad box, I would say it’s perfect for Rick and Morty fans, but also someone who is looking for something funny and different from the normal grind of comics.

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