August Comic Bento Box Actual Rating

As most of my readers should know, in August I got the Comic Bento Box with the theme of Animal Plant.  I gave it a 3/5 on opening it as I said only 2.5 of the books were fitting of the theme, and I felt they left out a lot of great Animal themed books.  The Retail Price overall for  this was $57.97.

After reading and reviewing the four books, XOC, Sam and Fuzzy Fix Your Problem, Homecoming and Jurassic Strike Force 5, I wanted to come back and go over the box again.

Best Book from the Box: Sam and Fuzzy Fix Your Problem.  I went into reading this assuming I would like it the worst, as I only said it half fit the theme as a teddy bear isn’t really an animal(later on changed that as there are plenty of other animals in this book).  This book was a page turning and I was surprised at how much I wanted to keep reading this.  While I haven’t gotten anymore, I have added Vol. 2 to my Amazon wish list.

Best Use of the Theme: XOC. This book was only about animals and fit the theme perfect. While this wasn’t anything I’d normally buy, it fit the theme perfectly and is a cool book to add to my collection.

Worst Book from the Box: Jurassic Strike Force 5.  This one was by far a disappointment, because the description of “a mix of Biker Mice from Mars and G.I. Joes” had me super pumped to read this, but it fell so short of anything in my mind.  It was predictable, and boring.  This may make a great comic for a child, but even then some of the words used in it made me think twice about giving it to my younger niece.

Rating Afterwords: 3.125/5 – Even after the disappointment that was Jurassic Strike Force 5, this box landed slightly above where my eye would have ranked it.  Also if I got this box today I probably would have given it a lower ranking, just because this was my first box, the excitement of opening probably gave it an extra .5 it didn’t deserve.

If you are looking to join Comic Bento, you can use this link and it’ll give me a $5.00 credit to my subscription and you’ll save 15%.

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