October Comic Bento


My third Comic Bento box is “the 90’s” theme.  I can’t stress this enough but the packaging on these are some of the best for comics.  They shrink-wrap everything with a cardboard backer and extra air cushion in the box.


First Book: Turok Dinosaur Hunter Volume One: Conquest, written by Greg Pak, Art by Mirko Colak and Cory Smith and released by Dynamite Comics.  I had to quick google to see when this game came out (1997) to confirm it came out in the 90’s.  While I didn’t have time to get a predictions thread before getting this, my guess was going to be Sonic, Mario, or Mega Man for this.  I am very surprised and actually pretty excited to read this, as I think it’ll be a lot better read than the other titles I mentioned.  With a quick flip through the art looks like the Dynamite titles I’ve read like Kings Quest and the Phantom.  Hopefully, this book with be a great nostalgic look at a game I spent way to many hours playing.

Retail Value: $16.99


Second Book: The Mask Strikes Back, written by John Arcudi, art by Doug Mahnke and Keith Williams, and published by Dark Horse Comics.  As a kid I remember loving this movie, it was fun, but also a little dark.  When Comic Bento’s Facebook showed the movies from the 90’s that a book would be included I would have picked The Crow, Dick Tracy and Tank Girl first.  Once I saw the Mask in the box and after reading the quick blurb on the about card; “the Mask is darker, more twisted character”!   I’m just as pumped now to have this book. Doing a quick flip through the art looks on point to that description, dark and gritty, but slightly twisted.  I am super excited to read this book!

Retail Value: $14.99


Third Book: Black Water Ninja Valiant Master Volume One, writen by Mark A. Moretti, art by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti  and published by Valiant Comics.  The only Valiant I’ve read is Faith, but I just got a Ninjak #1 in a mystery box and Archer and Armstrong TP  at the Grand Rapids Comic Con, so I’m pretty excited to give this book a read.  From the card it looks like three possible titles for the Valiant Master Hardcore are; Ninjak, Rai and Shadowman, as it’s just listed “Valiant Masters.”  The art looks like some of the 90’s stuff I’ve been reading lately like older Batman and such.  Another knock out in this box.

Retail Value: $24.99


Forth Book: Doctor Strange The Flight of Bones, written and art by various and published by Marvel.  Well, as anyone reading this blog should know the Doctor Stange movie is coming out on November 4th, and what a better way to get people hyped then a Doctor Strange story.  I’ll admit the only Doctor Strange I’ve read has been in Deadpool stories, so I am pretty excited as this is a Marvel hero I’ve been very interested in reading, but just haven’t gotten any books yet.

Retail Value: $24.99

Extras: Comic Bento Card, nothing else in this one, but with the books they provided I’m not to bummed out about it.

Total Value: $81.96

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 – This box is almost perfect, and with subscription boxes a 4.5 is pretty much a 5 as it’s going to be hard to fit all things that are perfect for one person.  This is also the highest retail value of all boxes.  I think October is still open, and I would think this is more than worth it to grab at least this month.

Stay tuned for next month when we have a review of the “Remember the Titans” box.

I will be reviewing all these books, so come back to check those out if there are any books you are looking to read.  If you are looking to join Comic Bento, you can use this link and it’ll give me a $5.00 credit to my subscription.

If you haven’t already, please like The Cole Spot on Facebook, you will be able to see what I am reading, help pick what I review, and also have chance to win free swag!

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