Pull List 10/20/2016



  1. Aquaman #9
  2. Batman – A Death in the Family
  3. Batman #9
  4. Cave Carson #1
  5. DK3 #6
  6. Green Arrow #9
  7. Justice League #7
  8. Trinity #2



  1. Dark Horse – Black Hammer #4
  2. Dark Horse – Weird Detective #5
  3. Marvel – Black Panther #1 or #7
  4. Marvel – Infamous Iron Man #1

Top Five Reads:

  1. Weird Detective #5 – Final Part of the story, really enjoyed the ride, sad to see it end and hopefully there will be another run.
  2. Cave Carson #1 – I love all the Young Animal stuff, really excited to see another chapter to the story.
  3. Batman # 9 – BANE! The first run was kind of meh, Night of the Monster Men was really good, excited to see how this goes.
  4. Black Hammer #4 – Great story.  Jeff Lemire is becoming my favorite author, love this story, and excited to see some more of Abe.
  5. Black Panther #7 ( or #1?) – Luke Cage and Storm, lets see where this goes!

Kind of a small week, but some good stuff coming.  Excited to head out to the Grand Rapids Comic Con this week.  If there is anything on this list you’d like me to review or hear more about let me know by commenting, e-mailing or reaching out on Facebook.


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