Garbage Pail Kids Vol. 1

The third book from the September Comic Bento Box was Garbage Pail Kids Comic-Book Puke-Tacular, published by IDW/Topps.   Each story is written, drawn and colored by different people, and have to many to list. While I never watched the Garbage Pail Kids TV show, I did collect the cards as a kid.


This book is suggested for immature readers 13+.  I am not sure this book will be anything enjoyable for anyone over the age for 15.  While at first I found some of the stories slightly clever and funny, after about 10 pages you come to realize every story is about poop, fart, pukes or boogers.  While I should have understood this was going to be that, it was a drag to get through this book.  I think the hardest part about it was that I thought it would bring some childhood nostalgia, but really it just annoyed me and made me wonder how this even got published.

Visually this book had some part that were okay… but some sections looked like they were drawn by children, or like the artist just didn’t give a shit(no pun intended).  If I had to pick a part of this book I enjoyed, there was at least a story or two that had decent art.

1/5 – Unless you are a child(which is even hard to say because there is some swearing in this), I doubt you will enjoy this book at all.  No substance what so ever and every story is almost the same.

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