Pull List 10/13/2016



  1. All*Star Batman #3
  2. Batman Detective Comics #942 Night of the Monster Men Part 6
  3. Doom Patrol #2
  4. The Flash #8
  5. The Flintstones #4
  6. Redhood and the Outlaws #3
  7. Unfollow #12



  1. The Black Monday Murders #3
  2. the Fix #6
  3. Kill or be Killed #3
  4. Reborn #1



  1. Dark Horse: Briggs Land #3
  2. IDW: Dick Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency The Salmon of Doubt #1
  3. Marvel: The Great Lake Avengers #1
  4. Marvel: Moon Knight #7

Top Five Must Reads:

Before I pick a list this is the hardest pick of all as almost everything could make it.

  1.  Doom Patrol #2 – I just finished the first Vol of the Grant Morrison run on Doom Patrol, and while I still dont fully understand this sh!t, I love it.    Really excited to see how this story developes.
  2. The Great Lake Avengers #1 – First it takes place in Michigan, so thats awesome.  Second Marvel has been doing a pretty good job with the NOW stories I’ve picked up, so really excited to see how this goes.
  3. Detective Comics #942 – I have loved the NOTMM story and really excited to see how it ends.  First Rebirth Crossover, and it has been nothing but great.
  4. Kill or be Killed #3 – This is probably the best title to come out in the year.  It keeps getting better and better with every issue.
  5. Black Monday Murders #3 – If it weren’t for Kill or be Killed #3, this would be the best comic to come out this year.  Some of the best story telling, and one of the few books that you just really need to set some time away before you read.

This was the best pull list in a while and glad I grabbed everything on my birthday.  I can’t wait to dive into everything. If there is anything on this list you’d like me to review or hear more about let me know by commenting, e-mailing or reaching out on Facebook.

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