Pull List 10/5/2016



  1. Aquaman #8
  2. Batman #8 Night of the Monster Men Part 4
  3. Deadman #1
  4. Green Arrow #8
  5. Justice League #6
  6. Nightwing #6 Night of the Monster Men Part 5
  7. Shade the Changing Girl #1

IMG_20161005_182358 (2).jpg


  1. Cage #1
  2. Champions #1
  3. Death of X #1
  4. Invincible Iron Man #14
  5. Jessica Jones #1



  1. IDW – Archangel #3
  2. Image – Moonshine #1
  3. Image – Paper Girls #10
  4. Image –  the Walking Dead #159 The Whisperer War Part 3

Top Five:

  1. Cage  #1 – Just started the show and I am excited to see what this comic has to offer.  Also they made a Run the Jewels variant so I had to grab that.
  2. Shade the Changing Girl #1 – I loved Doom Patrol, and the small bit they had of this at the end of it forced me to pick this up.  While this stuff is very weird, it’s making me have to get rid of some of the blah DC Rebirth and Marvel titles to make room for all the Young Animal stuff.
  3. The Walking Dad #159 – The Whisperer War has been great, I’ve really been enjoying The Walking Dead, and being completely caught up to it is horrible because I want to be able to blast through it.
  4. Death of X #1 – Jeff Lemire writing about X-Men.  I’m in.
  5. Deadman #1  – Haven’t read much of him but excited to see what it’s all about.  After finishing Quiver, and the talks of Justice League Dark, I am excited to learn more about this character.

This week was really hard to only pick five titles as there are so many great new titles, but also a bunch of great on going.  While Night of the Monster Men is really good, I had so many new things I’m excited to get into.

If there is anything on this list you’d like me to review or hear more about let me know by commenting, e-mailing or reaching out on Facebook.


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