The Blacklist Vol 1

The Blacklist Vol 1 The Gambler (No.148) published by Titan Comics, written by Nicole Phillips, art by Beni Lobel.  This is the first book from the September Comic Bento for “As seen on TV.” While I have not seen the show, I know the genre and was actually pretty excited to read this.  I think I’ve had The Blacklist tv show on my Netflix queue for who knows how long, but never actually got into it.  As a fan of the detective/thriller genre, I figured this would be something right up my alley.  Unfortunately for me, it seemed that the book takes place at the end of season 1 of the show, and lead a new reader a little bit behind.


From what I gathered, in the show the Blacklist, they are trying to capture people on the America’s Most Wanted list.  This book covers #148 AKA the Gambler.   While the story itself wasn’t bad, as I mentioned before not knowing the show made it pretty hard to follow.  The biggest struggle is not really knowing the characters backgrounds as much, which could make things confusing.


Visually this book was pretty standard for the art.  The hardest thing about it was that some of the characters didn’t really look the same throughout so as a new reader made it kind of hard to follow.

2.5/5 – As a fan of the Blacklist I am guessing you would love this, jumping in as someone whose never seen it, you’re going to have a bad time.

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