September Comic Bento


This is my second Comic Bento and as always the packaging is great.  Comes sealed with a cardboard back with extra packaging inside.  September has the theme of, “As Seen on TV” and for those who don’t follow my blog, I made a prediction thread a week ago which I will compare to the box after going over the books.


First Book: The Blacklist Vol 1 The Gambler (No.148) published by Titan Comics, written by Nicole Phillips, art by Beni Lobel.  I have not seen this TV show, but I know the genre and I am actually a pretty big fan of “Detective” comic books.  Just giving it a flip through, the art looks pretty decent.  While I didn’t see anything ground breaking without reading the story, it’s hard to really judge it.  I am pretty excited as I haven’t read anything by Titan Comics (appears to do a lot of TV Show based stuff like Doctor Who, Penny Dreadful, and Vikings to name a few).  As with a lot of the Comic Bento books, I don’t think I would ever consider buying this book, but I am excited to give it a try.

Retail Price – $14.99


Second Book: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D Vol 1 The Coulson Protocols published by Marvel, written by Marc Guggenheim, art by German Peralta, color by Rachelle Rosenberg, and letters by VC‘s Joe Carramagna.  I think the Theme of this box is, “I haven’t watched the show.”  I’ve heard this is the kind of show you can jump into, so I may watch to see Ghost Rider.   When it comes to reading the Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. I read their parts in the Standoff crossover.  I did like a few of the characters, but Marvel has been hard for me to pick up new titles lately.  Flipping through the comic it’s standard Marvel Art.  Second book down and another book I am excited to read.

Retail Value – $17.99


Third Book: Garbage Pail Kids Comic-Book Puke-Tacular published by IDW.  It looks like each chapter is written and drawn by writers and artist.  I had to google this to confirm it was a TV show, which it was in the Late 80’s in the UK Garbage Pail Kids had one season.  I have not seen the TV show or read the comics but I did collect the trading cards as a kid.  The art brings me back to my childhood, and it looks just like the cards.  While this does bring back some nostalgia and I will read it, it is probably the book I am the least looking forward to reading.

Retail Value: $19.99


Book Four: Rick and Morty Vol 1 by Oni Press, written by Zac Gorman, art by CJ Cannon and color by Ryan Hill.  This is the only book I have seen the TV show for, but only a few episodes.  From what I remember this should be a fun/weird read and I am looking forward to it.  Flipping through the art is pretty comparable to the TV show.

Retail Value:$ 19.99


Extras: Comic Bento Card and Remote Control Book Mark.  With every Comic Bento box there is a run down card of why the books were added, and a small summary on the book.  While it’s nothing that adds value it’s always nice to get it.  I’ve seen in a few of the older boxes they had books marks, and this one was pretty cool.  It took a second for me to realize it was a remote control, but another cool addition to the box.

Total Value: $72.96

As I mentioned in the start, I did a prediction post last week.  I’m pretty surprised that I did decent.  The Rick and Morty which was a coin flip, but I picked the right one of the two.  I also guessed Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., however I did Ghost Rider over the main team to add a wild card guess.  The other two weren’t even on my radar, but I am excited to see how they turn out.

Overall Rating: 4/5.  The second box was a great surprise and I am excited to get into it.  Every book fits the theme completely, and the value was 15 dollars more than the last box. While most of these books wouldn’t be things I’d grab, they all seem like quality reads, or will at least give me some childhood nostalgia.

I will be reviewing all these books, so come back to check those out if there are any books you are looking to read.  If you are looking to join Comic Bento, you can use this link and it’ll give me a $5.00 credit to my subscription.

If you haven’t already, please like The Cole Spot on Facebook, you will be able to see what I am reading, help pick what I review, and also have chance to win free swag!



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